One product to cover it all

Time to go fully remote?

Offer more transparency and ease of work to your teams. Put them in control.

Business Process Management

Collaborative workflows represent guidance and clarity to a distributed team. We can help you bring awareness to your teams and improve collective performance.

Standard Operating Procedures

Each individual contributor should have the right tools to excel at their practice.
We can help detailing each step of the process.

Make better decisions.

Identify areas to improve. Anticipate problems before they arise.

Time Tracking

Track time spent per work item, per team member, per client.
Uncover areas to improve and make informed actions.
Share your findings with (share/stake)holders.

Revenue Tracking

Find the clients that give you the most and bill accordingly.
Track revenue per client and per team member.

Included in all plans

Strategic features to drive growth.

Time and Revenue Tracking

Make sure that each minute counts. Track your business activities and their value.

Business Process Management

Document your organization processes and make them available as collaborative workflows. Bring awareness and clarity to everyone.

Client Management

Bring simplicity to your client interactions. Gain insights of your resources per client.

Task Automation and Conditional Logic

Save time by automating work creation on specific dates. Use conditional logic (if / then) to met your workflow requirements.

Custom form fields

Customize and configure your processes. Create mandatory or optional fields as much as you like.

On-demand analytics and reporting

Track time and revenue per client and per team member. Make better decisions.