Process Management Tool: How Can It Boost Your Accounting Team’s Productivity?

Process Management Tool: How Can It Boost Your Accounting Team’s Productivity?

October 11, 2021

Imagine that your employees, every day in the morning, have to check their emails (checking spreadsheets or a pile of paper on the table), to know what they need to do and what their working hours will be. Sounds normal, right? Now imagine that their inbox has more than 50 emails every day and they spend time reading them all and organizing their demands. Without realizing it, they will be wasting hours a week when that task could be simply made easier with a process management tool. 

And this article is just about that! About how a management tool can help your office automate work, save time and significantly increase staff productivity.

Want to know how? So keep reading!

6 ways a process management tool can increase your team’s productivity

If my email example didn’t impress you, imagine for a second that all of your departments stop to do this process every day? How much time would your office waste per month? Or per year? Of course, it’s impossible to work without getting organized. But to do this process manually is to misuse your workforce. After all, with a process management tool , you can save time and effort by automating some repetitive tasks. This can include organizing employees’ routines automatically through approving and reviewing paperwork and processing large documents. 

With a good process management tool your office can easily set the deadline for a specific task. As well as the sequence of processes that come after and who will be responsible for them. 

In this way, all tasks are carefully assigned to the right people, according to defined schedules. 

process management tool is essential for transitioning business processes from good to better. As well as proper workflow management.

In other words, all of this can, and will, increase the productivity of your team and your office in general. Want to know how? Here are some ways a process management tool can increase your team’s productivity.

1 – Defines the workflow 

Still using the example I cited at the beginning of this article, imagine that your team has that job every day or come to you to find out what they need to do and how to do it. This would directly impact the routine of the entire office. 

However, with a process management tool , there is transparency of all the demands and workflows your employees need to do. 

This tool also defines all the steps and deadlines that need to be met to complete certain tasks. As a result, all services are completed and approved more efficiently. 

In addition, with a process management tool, it is possible to track the history of the work performed and what is needed for a task to be completed. This saves you valuable time, which would otherwise be wasted on updating your employees every day. 

2 – Eliminates repetitive tasks

Every office has several repetitive tasks, such as billing clients, sending e-mails, updating reports, among others.  

These tasks are performed by your employees every day in a tedious and tiring way, wasting their time and intelligence. It is a fact that this type of process must be done, but using your workforce to do this is not efficient. 

However, with a management tool these processes can be automated and deducted from the routine of your employees. This, in addition to making the process safer, allows them to focus their energy, creativity and time on tasks of greater value to their office. 

That is, with a process management tool , your employees gain more time in their routines and can use their expertise to take care of strategic activities such as Financial BPO, Tax Recovery or any other demand that can bring profit and productivity to your office. 

3 – Improves accountability

If all tasks are defined at each step of a workflow, this can easily help your office gain transparency and clarity around everyone’s responsibility. 

With a process management tool, it is possible to efficiently monitor the routine and demand of your employees. Likewise, your employees know what they are responsible for, what their deadlines are and what you expect from them, all very clearly.  

This is because some management tools have dashboards that update office activities and demands in real time, both for the employee and for the manager. This ensures that everyone knows what needs to be done, when and how, which in turn improves productivity and makes the routine much more assertive. 

In addition, notifications, deadlines and reminders about these demands are automatically generated by the tool, which allows you to closely monitor all the processes and responsibilities of your employees without having to micromanage them.

4 – Eliminates bottlenecks 

With greater transparency regarding accountability, it is easier to identify bottlenecks in the workflow and thus gain in productivity.

Typically, the departments where a large number of tasks get stuck are the places that obstruct the flow of work, leading to bottleneck situations. A very common example of a bottleneck situation is a block created by documents that need approval to start the next process. 

With a process management tool , this flow happens in a fluid and transparent way, making it possible to find these and other bottlenecks and thus adjust them.

The accounting dashboard, which I mentioned earlier, is also a great aid to this issue, as it points out in advance possible problems that could impact your team’s productivity. This gives you time to resolve them and prevent them from disrupting the routine of the office and its employees. 

5 – Prioritizes tasks

Prioritizing tasks is an important part of meeting deadlines and being productive. 

When an employee doesn’t know which tasks need to be done first, it becomes difficult to manage them on time. Essentially, when employees start work, they can get stuck on low priority tasks, thus draining time from important tasks.

With a process management tool it is possible to overcome any problems or prioritization issues by establishing lists and sub-lists to ensure that the right tasks are focused. This not only expedites team time, it ensures that the work gets done in a timely manner.

6 – Centralizes the data 

Process management tools have the advantage of connecting all departments into a single streamlined flow of relevant information and data. In addition to allowing intelligent and integrated communication between teams. That is, all information regarding the office is centralized in a single tool

Therefore, if an employee has to find something they sent to you or a client some time ago, they can find it directly in the tool, in an agile and assertive way, instead of going through all their emails or other channels. 

A process management tool can become a central repository for all relevant and organizational data, linking data to departments, employees and processes.

See how it’s possible?

I hope this article has helped you better understand how a management tool can improve your office productivity. 

process management tool may be what your office needs to grow even more, as it provides employees with advanced communication and collaboration features. Meanwhile, it allows you to uniquely and effectively build and oversee the various business processes. This will not only improve routine processes, but also increase staff productivity by eliminating bottlenecks and unnecessary and repetitive tasks from their daily lives. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and bet on a tool that can help you! 


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