Can task automation help you to prospect more customers? Come find out!

Can task automation help you to prospect more customers? Come find out!

July 7, 2021

Attracting new clients in the accounting market can be a difficult task. After all, among so many competitors, it is necessary to find ways to differentiate yourself. And create good arguments to show the prospect why he should close your office. However, there is an ally that can make a difference and make your sales strategy much more valuable: task automation! Yes, task automation can help you to prospect more customers. It gives your office essential factors, such as: time, technology and productivity. 

Want to better understand how a task automation tool can add to your prospecting strategy? So keep reading! 

Why task automation can help you to prospect more customers? 

The automation tasks can help you in prospecting for clients because, among other things, it streamlines and optimizes the activities operating a business. Having as main objective to “drink” the demands of an office. Reducing work and runtime by replacing manual tasks with software applications.

And, when implemented, task automation can guarantee the following results:

  • Fast production, improving customer satisfaction, who sees the good results of their deliveries more significantly.
  • Quality assurance because, in a rationalized system, the amount of errors is minimal. And they can be easily corrected and even avoided. 
  • Increased profit, as time is saved with these tasks, making it possible to serve a greater number of customers . 

Therefore, task automation combines information technology and business management, with the aim of optimizing company results. And help it reach its growth goals. In addition, all these results that I mentioned above can be seen as good inputs for your sellers to produce valuable and persuasive arguments when prospecting. All based on real data and information. 

4 ways of how the automation tasks can help you prospect more customers

Now that we understand why task automation can help you to prospect more customers . We need to understand how she does this. So, read on because, down here, I’ve listed 4 ways that show how much this tool can be your ally.

Come on?

1- Automating operational tasks in your office, you have time to attend to a larger portfolio

How much time does your office spend sending bills, bills and making demands that don’t require human expertise? A long time, isn’t it? And although these activities are necessary, they don’t need to be done by you or your collaborators. They can, and should, be automated. Only then is it possible not only to have time to increase your customer base, but also to think about strategies and innovations that will help you do that. After all, as I mentioned at the beginning, attracting customers is not an easy task and requires a lot of dedication and planning.

Therefore, the first proof that task automation can help you to prospect more customers is because it intelligently manages to eliminate tasks that demand a lot of your day. Giving you time to innovate, think about improvements and find new ways to positively increase your customer base. 

Even the automation of these tasks can also serve as an argument for your salespeople. That’s because today’s customers want agility and a much more personalized and dedicated service, which is only possible when you have the time to do this. 

Therefore, using the argument that, in your office, activities that do not require human intervention are automated and, because of that, your team has more time available to provide an assertive and optimized service, can make a difference in your decision. prospect. 

And, it is worth remembering that task automation is no longer a competitive advantage . However, the way you use the benefits of this solution as a selling point, can be a differentiator. 

2- With automated operational tasks, your employees tend to improve the performance of their functions

As I mentioned, task automation helps you to prospect more customers because it frees up time. And as a result, your employees can become more productive . After all, they can now engage in more analytical and strategic activities. 

In other words, your knowledge will be applied in tasks that will effectively contribute to the growth and construction of differentials for your office. 

Accounting automation helps your office take a more advisory role as well. Once, your professionals will be free to pay more attention to your customers. And it is extremely important that your them use their knowledge and skills. So you can get a positive return on your investment in human capital. Adding more value to the service provided by your office and valuing the professional training of your team.

Also, by freeing up your staff, you can start thinking about new services your office can offer, which can help you attract more clients. Financial BPO, tax recovery , NCM review and, of course, strategic accounting , can all be seen as differentiators through the eyes of your prospects. However, it is only possible to offer this service, with standard and quality , when you have time to plan and execute this activity with excellence. 

Therefore, the second way that task automation can help you to prospect more customers is that it frees up time and improves the productivity of your employees. Allowing you to use their expertise not only to improve your deliveries, but also to add more strategic services to your office. 

3- With task automation it is possible to improve the relationship between office and client

Task automation ensures that all work is done quickly, assertively and without errors, which positively impacts the delivery and quality of your tasks . And, as a result, your client’s perception of your office will also change completely. 

That’s because, with the automation of tasks freeing up time for employees, the relationship with the customer can be improved with a service, in addition to being more analytical, closer. Significantly changing the customer’s perception of value, which starts to realize the benefits of this relationship and to value their work even more. Willing, even, to pay higher amounts for them.

Furthermore, when the client quickly receives his obligations, he understands that his office has organized processes and that he cares about his company. And this feeling is essential to retain him and make him a great promoter of his business , making him recommend his office to other colleagues , a fundamental action for the growth of his portfolio.

Therefore, we can say that the third way that task automation can help you to prospect more customers is because it improves your relationship with them, making them loyal promoters of your business. And these referrals can convert into new customers by increasing your portfolio. 

4- Task automation makes your office modern and adept at technology, which can also be a powerful selling point. 

Did you notice that the 3 topics above talk about the importance of providing a more analytical, agile, assertive and close to the customer service? Well, this is the path that accounting has followed. After all, as I’ve mentioned in other articles, today’s customer, in addition to being more demanding, wants an accounting service that is more than just bureaucratic, he wants a true business partner. And this is only possible when there is evolution.

It’s exactly what task automation brings to your office: evolution, modernization and technology. However, it is essential that you do not stop automating tasks and always try to innovate and be in tune with what is most modern for your market. Invest in the optimization of demands, in management systemsin cloud software and in everything that can improve your office processes and enable a consultative service to your customer.

These actions can also provide powerful inputs to your salespeople, showing the prospect that your office does not work in an analogical and bureaucratic way, but with technologies that make your deliveries more agile and assertive. This makes the sales pitch not only persuasive, but valuable to that potential partner’s ears. 

Therefore, as a last argument, we can say that task automation shows that your office uses technology to improve its deliveries and make your service more analytical and consultative, not just bureaucratic. 

Now it’s up to you!

I hope this article has provided you with good evidence of how task automation can help you to reach more customers . And, together with them, shown how this solution, instead of discarding human labor, actually makes it much more necessary. After all, automation only eliminates repetitive tasks, leaving those with analytical and consultative value under your responsibility, which not only brings you closer to your customers but also increases your portfolio by bringing in new prospects.

So, why invest in this solution?

And, if you already use it, leave here in the comments new proofs of how task automation helps you to gain more customers ! Your testimonial will be very welcome!


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