The fourth industrial revolution and the fourth dimension

Nuno Gomes, on August 7, 2020

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Every organization must have at least one work process. Whatever its size, purpose, social object, the work processes are intrinsic to it. If work processes are intrinsic to any organization, time is intrinsic to any work process.

In the present era, in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, there are several organizations that are struggling to implement work processes at this very moment - briefly more articles about it. Because they can perceive the need and feel the urgency of having to accomplish more - "more" of whatever metrics to measure - with the same human resources and that these should feel safe. They must feel that they have tools in their possession to support their practice, to support them in performing, not just sufficiently, but with excellence.

We are building this product to meet that need and that gap: to facilitate the implementation and execution of work processes and time management. We intend to present a product that is accessible to most organizations' budgets and that brings tangible differentiation to the functioning of the organizations that subscribe to it.

More news soon! Stay tuned!

Written by

Nuno Gomes

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Founder at Withprocess.


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